How about… (conversation with Tommes)

Hi Franc, just something that popped up, that I would like to have your thoughts on. Well, maybe not popped up, felt more like an epiphany…more or less…but let me cut to the chase: how about us exchanging some thoughts on individual versus shared experiences? You know we always aim for creating an experience in the events we facilitate, creating the intent to move towards a certain objective, vision or something likewise – apart from the insights. In designing events, I noticed that I sometimes more or less on purpose choose to focus on creating the individual experience, so something enclosed by the body and mind of one person – or actually all the individuals that participate in the event. On other occasions I focus on creating a shared experience, aim for a group-thing to happen and having them all experience the feeling of break thru or profound understanding of why they should be moving towards to vision. Gimme your thoughts, let’s see where it takes us…


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