Getting into the social media thing (and being late about it…)

Today, at work, I had a very interesting conversation. It was sparked by my¬†announcement: “I am getting a Facebook account, is this a wise decision?”… This in itself was a direct result of my recently restarted effort to build an online presence.

The discussion that followed was around the interference between your personal and professional life. It was also complicated by the fact that one of my co-workers chipped in that she saw Facebook as a personal space but that she is also connected to a number of colleagues that she sees as friends. Furthermore, our part within the organisation has launched an own closed group, which has its own gravitiational specifics…

This raises a number of questions:
  • Is it a good idea to have some kind of acceptance policy towards people that want to be friends on for instance Facebook?
  • Is it possible to draw one line? (accept one colleague and decline another)
  • Is it on a personal level possible to hold on to the policy? (How good are you at saying “no” without feeling bad about it?
Anyway, I did not get an answer to my question wether it is wise to join Facebook. However, my mere interest in the social dynamics made me cross the line anyway. I will further continue my journey into the world of social media and expand to Facebook. I shall observe, learn, and share my major insights. It shall be fun!

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