How about… part 2

Hey there Tommes,

interesting thought, that. I guess I do not (yet) make a conscious distinction between individual and shared experiences when designing my events. As I am thinking about this, I realize that in many of my events, I try to start off with individual experiences and move towards a shared one.

In my head, an individual experience is possibly very powerful. An experience can be seen as a collision between one’s internal values and the things that are happening around the individual that are perceived through the senses. What happens to individuals in sessions, is that they translate their experience into a mental image.

The best sessions I did, were those where the participants managed to visualize their mental image (experience) and share them with the other participants. This was immensely helpful in understanding each other’s values, drivers and visions. Once participants shared , they were able to synthesize and create a collaborative image. If visualized, this collaborative image / experience acts as an immensely strong starting point of the collaborative design.

Once you reach that point, there are numerous ways you can take from there.

Can you relate to this, or does it work differently in your mind?

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