How about… part 5

Hey Tommes, it’s been a while since I answered your last post (How about… part 3).

I have been thinking about it a lot. And I think the answer is conceptually simple and practically very complicated. Two issues need to be addressed:

Issue 1: poorly equipped professionals

As stated many times before, people are facing increasingly complex problems. Old ways of dealing with them no longer work. The sheer amount of available information makes it impossible to know everything. The basis for decision making shifts from strictly conscious to a combination of the conscious and the unconscious (As Malcolm Gladwell states in his book “Blink”).

All this means that in order to help groups of people to find the answers that they are after, we need to provide them with a means to break through thee barriers that keep them from “getting there” .

I think that we partly succeed in this in our ASE way of working. Instead of just going for the solutions in a linear way, we tend to explore in a deeper and wider manner in the SCAN phase. We apply different ways of expressing solutions in order to trigger more forms of intelligence (like Spatial, Interpersonal, Musical, Visual). We make an active effort to help our participants leave their preferred thinking patterns. I do think that focusing more on emancipating our participants, they will be even more succesful in solving their complex problems.

However, this is no sustainable model but a temporary solution to a very fundamental problem: the way our children are educated.

Issue 2: outdated educational models

The professionals that I talk about are a direct product of an educational system that has been in place for over 150 years. An educational system that no longer suffices for the answers that the current society needs. For a very clear view on this, please watch sir Ken Robinson’s presentation.

We need to adjust the educational system in order to equip our children with the thinking patterns, methods and tools to face the challenges of this time. If we keep our educational system as it is, professionals will be facing an increasing difficulty to cope with the current reality.

So, change is called for. Would it not be great if we could host a Design Sesson on this for all the stakeholders like governemental parties, education institutes and corporations?


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