What the gaming industry can teach consultants

As some might know, I am an avid player of Magic: the Gathering. Over the twentysomething years I’ve been playing it, it has brought me a lot, for instance The art of corporate Metagaming.

More recently, I have started to listen to Mark Rosewater’s podcasts. Mark Rosewater is head designer for the Magic: the Gathering game and has been for twenty years. The thing I noticed in his podcasts on making Magic, is that there are a lot of parallels between designing a game and designing a DesignShop. Which is great. Moreover, these insights do not only apply to my line of work but I think it also relates very much to consulting work in general. You’ll see it when you start listening to Mark’s podcasts.

This year in March on the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Mark filled an hour with twenty lessons in designing Magic that he learned over the past twenty years. Going through them, I realized they are a great summary and contain a lot of insight for all the consultants out there. So, here you go, enjoy!

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