The group holds the answer?


Within the Design Centers, one of the things we regularly tell eachother is that ‘the group holds the answer’. By this we mean that the group of participants collectively is able to solve the challenges they are facing. Our job is guiding them through the process in which they can discover the parts of the solution they are after. So to say, by guiding the right people through the right process, the solution will emerge.

However, one could argue against this. Based on my own experience, I have been facilitating groups that were not able to solve the puzzle. And I have helped them by handing them parts of their solution. I am able to do this because of the fact that a lot of challenges that a group of participants faces for the first (and probably only time), is stuff that I have seen hapening in other groups.
On the other hand, one could say that if the group turns out not to be ‘holding the answer’, this can be accounted to a flaw in the design or preparation of the session…
So, is it possible that a facilitator guides the group through the processĀ and by recognizing patterns, supplies them with the missing pieces of the puzzle? I do not know the question to this answer, but this mechanism will get the explicit attention in future sessions…

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