Strategy and the world out there

Today, we are going to talk about our strategy for the coming years. Although this sounds like a day of leaning back and just talk, it will turn out to be a day of hard work, conflict, uncertainty and lots of questions. As it should be.

THE most challenging question will be …

cookie jar

Do NOT read this post! Seriously! I mean it!

Some time ago, I was at a small dinner hosted by our top management. It was a “Socrates style” dinner, where ideas and perspectives around a certain topic were to be exchanged. At some point, the conversation was about entrepreneurship of employees and the lack of being daring.

email is silly

Email is silly

Yesterday, I had a heated discussion with a co-worker about one of my biggest corporate frustrations: email.

As I returned from my vacation, I found myself stuck with 300+ email me
ssages. Even though I had a very clear out-of-office message, people managed to regularly email me during my vacation. On the day I got back “at the office”, I was immediately sucked into all kinds of jobs, so there was no way for me to go through all of these emails….

The facilitated company

Today, while talking to someone new to the ASE concept, a thought struck my mind. The ASE is in the business of designing, selling and delivering group intervention strategies. This means that mostly we are in engagements with clients that are facing a particular challenge: strategy building, transforming their organisation, blueprinting, innovating etcetera. …

ASE Everywhere

ASE – Accelerated Solutions Environment… Since the start of the ASE, the “E” has always represented dedicated working environments in which we facilitate our group interventions. These environments were specially designed for the things they need to do: make sure a group of people is facilitated to the maximum and distracted to the minimum in the challenge they are facing….

Group holds the answer

The group holds the answer?


Within the Design Centers, one of the things we regularly tell eachother is that ‘the group holds the answer’. By this we mean that the group of participants collectively is able to solve the challenges they are facing. Our job is guiding them through the process in which they can discover the parts of the solution they are after. So to say, by guiding the right people through the right process, the solution will emerge….