Some learnings on visualizing complexity

Last week, I was part of a facilitation team, hosting a session for 88 people from a large retail organization, with the goal of defining ways to collabaratively achieving their strategic objectives. My role in this team was to visualize the complexity as it evolved from the process. This visualization will be digitalized and be used as a visual portal to the wiki-like web environment in which all the content was structured and delivered.

In the end, I think we were succesful in delivering what we promised. The visualization was spot-on on a content level and visually very appealing and supporting. However, if I were to do it again next week, there is a number of things that I would definately do differently….

How about… part 3

Hi Franc, it’s been a busy week!

With you guys over at Les Fontaines – creating a fun digital and physical experience for 1700 (as I have been told) Capgemini consultants worldwide, some of us in the Bootcamp – creating a learning experience on a ship (!) on facilitation for another bunch of consultants and the rest of us ‘back home’ balancing the work!

Your thoughts – and some random dialogues with colleagues and clients – triggered more thinking. Apart from the sequence in which we work with individual and shared experiences, our common ground is that we are highly convinced that for a true change to happen, people will have to feel deeply that that change will bring them a brighter future. And experiencing a glimpse of that future, together with experiencing the need to move away from current reality, is what will provide that feeling….